Good ideas need good protection

In the areas of technology and IT, protecting your ideas and inventions is vitally important. And paving the way for robust patents and attractive licences calls for expertise and experience, from initial advice until the final approvals are in place.

You can obtain this patent and licence support from Martinus Nielsen. We have specialised in helping technology enterprises in areas like electronics and software, and over the years we have assisted both established names and start-ups with patent formulation and recognition.

Patenting, licensing and general handling of IPR contain many pitfalls, challenges and opportunities. It is therefore essential to involve us at the earliest possible stage and draw upon our specialised knowledge.


Why choose us?

On behalf of our clients, we have been protecting discoveries in fields such as information technology, electronics, microelectronics, software and mechanics for 19 years. With this experience, establishing a positive dialogue with Martinus Nielsen is easier right from the start.

Our objective is also to help businesses towards a patent and licence policy that is both effective and pragmatic. We see this as the way to create the best possible platform for our clients’ future growth and development.

From the start we have been a Danish company with an international outlook. Our eyes are on the horizon but our feet are on the ground.