Patenting, licensing and IPR

In highly competitive societies like ours, a host of product developers and suppliers exist in almost every conceivable line of business. When you create an invention, patenting is therefore imperative to prevent its use by others.

Danish and international patenting is a core business area for Martinus Nielsen. With expertise in fields like electronics, sensors, chip design, GSM technology and microelectronics, we have what it takes to understand and work with complex concepts that have patent potential.

The patenting process starts with detailed research into whether similar patents exist already. Then follow the patent specifications that are alpha and omega for a successful patent. Even the best inventor is on thin ice without an experienced partner in this area.


Long-term earnings perspective

If you intend to subsequently license others to use your patented invention, Martinus Nielsen can also advise you. Patent rights and licence rights play an important part when it comes to financing and involvement of business partners.

Seen with international eyes, registering and enforcing intellectual property rights can be very expensive in many markets. Consult us to hear about how this can be done in practice, and which markets you should prioritise.

In addition to our in-house expertise, Martinus-Nielsen can also draw on the expert knowledge of its business partners. These include Høiberg A/S (patents) and Bjørn Ryberg, Ole Wiborg and Søren Holmark (licences and rights).