Strong team of experts
Networks provide strength. This is also true in the areas of patenting and licensing. Martinus Nielsen is a specialist in its domain, but we also work with an expert network of strategic partners. This enables us to take on bigger assignments that may encompass areas just outside our core expertise.

In practice, initial client contact and project appraisal are performed in these cases by Martinus Nielsen. If we believe our partners and their specialists can lend the project an extra dimension, we take them on board. The net result is a qualified team of experts tailor-made for the specific task.
Nordic Patent Service ApS
Nordic Patent Service ApS, European Patent Attorneys, is our strategic partner in the area of patents. Nordic Patent Service is today a leading IPR consultant in the fields or mechanics and computer science. Further information:
Anadeus Ltd
Martinus Nielsen represents Anadeus Ltd in Denmark. The company specialises in defending patent rights against infringement, including financing of the negotiation process, and licensing of patent rights. Anadeus helps firms to obtain license agreements for their patents in the United States and Europe by handling the administration side, leaving patent holders to concentrate on their core competencies and thereby relieving them of a heavy financial burden in connection with the negotiation process. Further information:
Bjørn Ryberg
Attorney-at-law Bjørn Rybjerg is our strategic partner in the area of licensing and intellectual property rights. He has extensive practical experience in drafting licence contracts, intellectual property law and business law. Co-author of the book “Inventions, Patents, Licences”. Further information on:
Ole Wiborg
Our strategic partner in licensing and intellectual property rights. Wide practical experience of establishment of licence contracts, particularly from the pharmaceuticals industry. Co-author of the book “Inventions, Patents, Licences”. Further information on Wiborg:
Søren Holmark
Attorney-at-law Søren Holmark was employed with the Danish NKT Group when GIGA was successfully sold by NKT to Intel. Søren Holmark has also helped draft license contracts for companies such as Crystal Fibre, thereby acquiring valuable electronics sector experience. Further information: